Drilling Services

SEQ Drilling is looking to find the next challenging project utilizing our talents and equipment providing a smooth project experience for our clients.

Geotechnical Drilling.

SEQ Drilling becomes part of your team working to provide results driven methods. Soil and rock samples are handled with care maintaining data integrity. We set ourselves to a higher standard in data recovery by encouraging continual education driving purpose to our important job. Developing long term relationships with our clients is key to successful project outcomes.

Environmental Drilling.

Installation of proper wells and instrumentation to monitor contaminants, water levels, and pressures is essential to keeping our earth intact. Properly tremie grouting wells is essential to obtain true values. SEQ Drilling has the equipment and experience required to supply our clients with high-quality environmental drilling services.

All Terrain Drilling.

Our CME 550X rubber tire ATV maneuvers into the woods, streams, and up mountains. Soon to join the fleet is a CME 300XLC a low clearance with rubber tracks that get into those tight spaces. This versatility gives SEQ Drilling the ability to manage almost any project no matter what the ground conditions may be.

Hollow Stem Auger Drilling.

Our tooling includes HSA augers from 2¼” ~ 6¼” allowing piezometer, monitoring wells, and backfill materials to desired depths to accuracy. ASTM standards are followed using proper center plugs keeping true sample depths. Spoon placement without over beating the spoon is essential to keeping the absolute values true.

Mud Rotary Drilling.

When drilling is below the ground water table or drilling through material such as sand or gravel,the mud rotary drilling method is often used. SEQ Drilling uses 3”, 4”, 6” casing and tricone roller bit is used to mud rotary boreholes. The art of mixing the bentonite and correct water flows is used to conform to each soil environment.

Wireline & Rock Coring.

NQ, NQ2, and NQ3 is used to obtain the highest quality samples using the least amount of water. Water in the geology world is not our friend and it isn’t when obtaining rock especially when valuable sediment washes out. SEQ Drilling’s master driller, Sonny Sequist works hard to use proper tooling and core bit number for the best results.

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